Corporate Email Marketing Package (5  Lac+  Email)  3 Days  12,000 Taka
 Corporate + VIP Package(5.25 Lac+  Email)  4 Days  15,000 Taka
 Regular Email Marketing(10 Lac+ Email)  6 Days  20,000 Taka
 E-commerce Package (2.6 Lac+ email)  3 Days  10,000 Taka
 Garments/Buyer Package (20,000+  Email)  1 day  10,000 Taka

*All prices are Tax, Vat & SD excluded.

Email marketing requirement:

  • Email body (Content may be picture or plain text or picture, text both or html format).
  • Email subject (Not more than 80 characters).
  • Company name (Not more than 40 characters).
  • Email address.

What you will get in report?

Our email marketing software is web based. We will provide you our software access from where you can easily check the LIVE report of email marketing that how much email is send.

Some important information:

  • You can ensure your email marketing from the LIVE report from our software or visiting our office or from response.
  • We do not provide email database report
  • We do not sale email address. We only send email by using our software and server.
  • We can operate the email marketing only from our office.