Photoshop Image Masking Service is one of the alternative services at adobe Photoshop to clip out the subject from image background. But it use only when clipping path service is not sufficient for cut out the subject properly.


In elaboration we can say, doing clipping path of the ball, man, house, car, furniture & jewelry etc. is easier, but when the subject is a Christmas tree with its outspread subtle leaves, here clipping path procedure is time consuming. And also when you need to cut out any fuzzy edged, blurry subject from the image’s background especially human hair or any hairy object than Photoshop pen tool is not accurate tool to do that, in this kind of work we use Photoshop Image Masking Service. At this service we select around the hairy aria and apply the image masking service.


Photoshop Clipping Mask Out Service Classification:

According to image’s background color, subject color, image resolution clipping path house graphics media apply many kinds of masking service for best result. Like:

1. Photoshop Image Hair Alpha Layer Masking Service

2. Photoshop Erase Masking Service

3. Photoshop Image Channel Mask Out Service

4. Photoshop Transparent Layer Masking Service

5. Knock Out Masking Service